Welcome to DDCE, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar


  • To provide Higher Education for Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere
  • To grow as a quality educational institution Meeting National and International goals of Higher Education
  • To Increase Access
  • To Provide Quality Education
  • To offer Innovative Need Based Courses
  • To Improve Employability & Professional Competence
  • To offer Online Interactive Education
  • To provide opportunity to those who are unable to pursue higher education in the conventional mode of teaching.
  • To provide equal opportunity for higher education through distance mode.
  • To provide opportunity to adult and working population to upgrade their knowledge, skill and qualifications and to advance
    their career perspective.
  • To provide flexibility in enrolment in terms of age, choice of courses, methods of learning and appearance at examinations etc.
  • To complement and supplement the Higher education system of the state.
  • To promote research and creation, dispersion and advancement of knowledge.
  • To enable learners to overcome barriers: geographical, socioeconomic and gender etc.
  • To promote continuing education.
  • To promote the cause of quality manpower under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
    Management and Business Studies and IT, Computer Science and Application.